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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are skin breakouts (i.e. spots) common after undergoing a facial?


Some spa-goers report the appearance of new spots within 48 hours after a facial. This can be a fairly common reaction - it simply indicates your skin is detoxifying itself, and a glowing complexion should soon follow.

While spots are far from guaranteed, you may want to schedule your facial a minimum of four to five days before any important event in order to allow your skin plenty of time to recover.

How should I prepare my skin for a facial treatment?

While you can continue to follow your usual skin routine ahead of your spa visit, you should avoid exfoliating masks and scrubs several days before your facial to prevent the risk of raw, or otherwise uncomfortable, skin caused by over-treatment.

What should I do after a facial?


The following advice will ensure you get the most from your spa facial and minimize the chances of experiencing any irritation after your treatment:

Avoid any further skin treatments for at least 48 hours after your facial (increase this to 72 hours for exfoliant products and scrubs)

Avoid excessive sunlight and heat sources (such as saunas) for a minimum of 48 hours

Drink plenty of water to aid the flushing of toxins from your skin

What are the benefits of a spa massage?



Massages offer lots of benefits beyond just relaxation. Here are some reasons why men should consider getting a massage:

1) Improve flexibility: Incorporating a massage into your routine can help you stay flexible and less prone to muscle injuries.
Aid exercise recovery:

2) If you take part in regular exercise or train for sporting events, a massage can work wonders in preventing post-workout soreness and reducing the risk of injury. A soothing massage is also a great way to warm up or cool down after a workout session.
3) Boost your mood: A massage can give you a mental lift through the release of the feel-good hormone, serotonin. Of course, a massage can’t (and shouldn’t) replace professional mental health therapies, but if you’re feeling a bit down, it can help you feel better.
4) Ease back and neck pain: If you sit at a desk or behind a wheel all day, a massage can help melt away any nagging neck or lower back pain.
5) Help you get a good night’s sleep: Again, the release of serotonin helps the body to relax and promotes healthy natural sleep.
6) Lower stress and anxiety: A massage can lower the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, calming the mind and reducing anxiety. This can also aid in cardiovascular health and may even contribute to lower blood pressure.
7) Improve circulation: Massage aids and promotes the flow of blood and lymph around the body.


As you can see, all these elements work together to promote overall health and wellbeing, both mental and physical. The benefits you get from a massage will depend on the type you choose.

Will the massage therapist be a man or a woman? 


All of our service providers are female except for our barber.  However, all massage therapists are trained professionals who are there to provide a service and to make you feel at ease. 

Will I have to get naked during the massage? 


The choice is really yours. For some types of massage, you can stay partially covered. For a full body massage, the therapist will use ‘draping’, which involves covering yourself with a sheet and blanket . The therapist will uncover parts of your body in turn, thus allowing you to stay partially covered. Whether you want to be naked, wear underwear, or take advantage of the disposable underwear provided is up to you. The main point is that you are comfortable and relaxed

What happens if I get aroused during a massage? 


Related to the nakedness issue is the anxiety some men might have with regard their physical reaction to an intimate massage – again, a trained therapist will be used to this and you should not feel embarrassed. They’ve seen it all before!

Can I fall asleep during a massage?


In short, yes! Dozing off during a massage is fine and may even aid in its benefits.


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